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"So how do we get into this "Megavent"?"
Warren Eckhardt[1]

Concept Art of the Megavents in Dead Space: Extraction.

The Megavents are a structural conformity among Concordance Extraction Corporation-financed colonies.


A collective megavent is a massive circular subterranean network of catwalks and paths that stretch for miles, whose main function is to accommodate planet-side gravity tethers.

In correspondence with its environment, the megavents were the first location reported as harboring the strange organic growth. The growth was initially reported by Cameron, the Megavent Supervisor of the Aegis VII Colony. He, as well as future observers, noted the horrible odor emitting from the growth as an outstanding factor. Cameron was eventually killed by a mass of this organic substance bursting through a vent soon after attempting to rid the megavents of it by burning it off.

Known Megavents[]

The colony maintained at least twenty seven Megavents:

  • Megavent 12
  • Megavent 24
    • Gravity Tether 16
    • Colony Life Support Power Room
  • Megavent 27


  • Noting Eckhardt's position as "Executive Director of Colonial Mining Operations," it is peculiar that when told of the existence of the Megavents, his first reaction is confusion as if he had never heard of them before(Though he was likely lying).
  • The Megavents appear in two of the three chapters of Dead Space: Extraction that take place on the colony.