Dead Space Wiki

Type: Audio
Characters: Dr. Challus Mercer, Unknown Man
Chapter: 5
Can be found: USG Ishimura, Corridor outside Chem Lab

  • (Sounds of a man struggling are heard)
  • Dr. Challus Mercer: Personal log, Dr. Challus Mercer. I now have a live subject for my study. I'm eager to validate my tissue regeneration theory. Initial restraint was problematic, but now the patient is resting comfortably. HE trusts me, Doctor Kyne. He puts his life in MY hands! He knows his part in all of this, understands what I'm doing! The forehead has been swabbed clean and marked...

(Low electronic whirring is heard)

  • Unknown man: What are you... what are you doing with that?

(Noise of drill is heard, becoming louder and louder)

  • Dr. Challus Mercer: ...and I am now attempting to create a passage to insert the sample tissue into...

(Drilling noise continues, soon accompanied by grinding noise)

  • Unknown man: No! No! Nooaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh-