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Type: Audio
Characters: Dr. Challus Mercer, The Hunter
Chapter: 5
Can be found: USG Ishimura, Dr. Mercer's Laboratory

  • Dr. Challus Mercer: Personal log, Doctor Challus Mercer. The specimen continues to respond well to my experiments. Its cellular fortitude, not to mention elasticity, is remarkable. Doctor Kyne, I am sure, would disapprove. But I do not anticipate that issue, as the good doctor is busying himself with the Marker... As if that matters now! He has also succumbed to the same dementia that afflicted the colony. Only yesterday, he told me he had spoken to his wife... but Amelia Kyne has been dead for some years.

(sound of Hunter growling and shifting heard in background)

  • Dr. Challus Mercer: My subject grows restless. Patience. Your time is soon. Very soon.