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The Mining Deck is the heart of the USG Ishimura. It is where asteroids and planet fragments are broken apart and smelted for valuable minerals. It is a four-level deck, making it the largest deck on the Ishimura by far. Drifting asteroids are brought in via an entrance on the third level (C Deck) and are held in place by gravity tethers, where they would sent in for harvesting.

Tram Station[]

A Deck - Preparation[]

RIG Room[]

B Deck - Mineral Processing Area[]


Mineral Processing[]

Mineral Processing Control[]

C Deck - Extraction[]

Extraction Room[]

Mining Bay[]

Mining Control[]

D Deck - Maintenance[]

Repair Room[]

Maintenance Chamber[]

Equipment Maintenance Bay[]

Maintenance Storage Room[]


  • This is where Chapter 7: Into the Void of Dead Space takes place.
  • The Mining Deck is where Isaac first runs into Nicole Brennan since her departure for the Ishimura.
  • The Mining Deck was one of the last decks to be overrun. It was quite possible that a certain number of remaining survivors were still in there when the USG Kellion crash-landed aboard the USG Ishimura's Flight Deck.
  • The Mining Deck appears very briefly in Dead Space 2 as one of Isaac's flashbacks of the USG Ishimura during his session with Foster Edgars. During this flashback, one can also spot the shadow of a roaming Necromorph Slasher trailing the deck's walls.