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The Negotiator is a weapon received with the First Contact bundle by pre-ordering the Limited Edition of Dead Space 3. It is a gold plated Tesla Beam with an underbarrel Line Gun.

Combat Tips[]

The primary fire of the Negotiator must be held in order to charge, which takes approximately 1 second before you should release fire. This can make close combat situations very difficult. A simple approach would be to charge the weapon just before exploring new areas. You can release Aim if you do not need to fire, conserving ammo. Using the "pre-charged" method can still be tricky, especially with multiple enemies, as you can quickly run out of time or space to charge your next shot. Using Stasis on enemies while charging can help avoid being attacked at close range. Although Primary Fire is lethal to most enemies, it is strongly advised to be ready with a second weapon in more difficult situations. One can use rate of fire circuits to decrease the time it takes to charge the Negotiator, turning it into a much more efficient killing machine.