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Overview of New Horizons.

New Horizons is a colony on Earth's moon. A sprawling yet dirty and unkept metropolis, the Lunar colony was the home of Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford following their escape from Titan Station.[1]

New Horizons was also the site of the secret Luna Red Marker test lab run by EarthGov.


Founding, Growth and Decline[]

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New Lunar Base in 2045.

New Horizons, initially known as New Lunar Base, was first established in 2045 as a Sino-US joint mining base.[2] Thanks to its rich natural resources, especially the extraction of Helium-3, New Horizons grew to become a great place to trade and settle.

New Horizons also became a staging area for missions to neighboring planets. As the space exploration era hit its stride, the colony ballooned in size, as anyone with prospects in space would move to New Horizons. Initially, with so many governments vying for control of the Moon, very little was properly regulated; communities sprang up and sprawled without rhyme or reason, spilling around the strip mining sites and shipyards, up and down craters, and eventually stacked top to bottom as it became easier to build up than out. This led to poorly planned neighborhoods and improper or, in most cases, nonexistent zoning considerations.[3]

DS3 LunarColony 1200

The impoverished apartments of the colony.

For hundreds of years, people migrated to the Moon in droves. When distant space travel became less expensive and local resources were exhausted, New Horizons' industries began drying up. While once it was the place to be, it had become a slum populated by struggling businesses and an increasingly destitute population.[3]

As of the 26th century, while major corporations still maintain offices and work sites on the Moon, no one seriously views it as a money-making opportunity anymore, instead simply considering it the sad place to layover while waiting for a flight out to a proper colony such as Mars or Venus.[3]

Necromorph Outbreak[]

"As part of the Marker test program, Isaac, you helped make them. And today, you of all people, get to watch me set them free."
Jacob Danik to Isaac Clarke, shortly before destroying the Luna Marker's signal-blocking shroud.
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New Horizons after the Luna Marker was exposed by Jacob Danik.

Sometime following their escape from Titan Station, Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford came to live in Earthrise Apartments in the city. In 2514, the colony came under siege by the Circle, a militarized faction of the Church of Unitology. The Circle managed to massacre most of the New Horizons Security Force and destroy the Marker Shroud housing the Red Marker located in the heart of the city; the Marker's activation triggered a Necromorph outbreak that quickly spread across the colony. Isaac fought his way through the colony's transformed inhabitants and Circle elements to escape on the USM Eudora.

New Horizons was presumably overrun or destroyed after the outbreak.

Known Residents[]

Known Locations[]

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Red Moon Apartments