Manhattan Floods

New York in 2514

New York City was a city belonging to the land, located in the United States in North America.

New York was one of the most important cities in the United States of America as it had a large population, besides being the most important center of the United Nations and also the home of the Statue of Liberty.


Climate change by global warming caused large increases in the level of seas and oceans which led to a complete flooding of the city and it subsequently sank in the ocean, resulting in a huge economic impact and imbalance to the planet.

In the year 2514, the city was uninhabitable and destroyed.

Trivia Edit

  • New York City was located in Manhattan, USA.
  • The population of New York, during Dead Space: Martyr, was 35+ million citizens.
  • It was unknown if New York City was related to Washington, D.C.
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