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" Issac, this ship is an antique! Look, we're gonna need at least twice as much power to activate the shockpoint drive! "

"John Carver"


In Dead Space 3 Awakened Isaac Clarke and John Carver must use a salvaged shockpoint drive to power the C.M.S. Terra Nova to get back home. Unfortunately the Nuclear Reactor that power's the ship is very old and the core must be overloaded in order to get the ships engines to start and activate the shockpoint drive.



The Reactor Core is a massive nuclear powered generator built into large transports back in the 23rd century. One example is the inside of the ship "C.M.S. Terra Nova" located at the Aft.Section of the old S.C.A.F. transport in Dead Space 3 Awakened.


This core is fueled by Plutonium batteries that are dispensed through a network of pipes along the walls of the reactor core walls. The Plutonium is separated from the main core to keep radiation exposure levels low as possible for workers near the main core.