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The Oceanic Research Facility was an underwater science outpost owned by DredgerCorp near Puerto Chicxulub.


Not much is known about the facility's founding, except that it was built for another scientific purpose, before being retrofitted with state-of-the-art equipment by DredgerCorp. Michael Altman noted that every hour, boats and helicopters arrived to bring the necessary equipment and devices to study the signals of the Black Marker. In order to stay undetected, the floating laboratory had thousands of jets which sprayed a mist to hide the facility from curious ships. According to the book's descriptions, the research facility had geophysicists, astrophysicists, robotics experts, geologists, marine biologists, geneticists, oceanologists, engineers, oceanographers, seismologists, volcanologists, gravitologists, philosophers, cognitive scientists, cryptologists, doctors, medics, mechanics and technicians brought from all around the world to study the alien artefact. Once it was brought to the surface, the signal it was producing started to create vivid hallucinations and many staff members went crazy or committed suicide. The only ones ''immune'' to them were Altman, Markoff And Stevens. Sometime later, a delirious scientist, Grote Guthe, accidentally injected himself a syringe containing Necromorph tissue was re-animated as an Infector, and soon started to infect the rest of the facility personnel, leaving only Altman and his group of survivors alive. Ultimately, they are all killed, except Altman. But when he was about to escape he decided to save his girlfriend Ada Chavez (whom he thought was still alive) and destroy the Marker once and for all. He succeeded, sinking the facility and the Black Marker with it.

However, in Dead Space 3, logs reveal that the Black Marker had not been destroyed after all, but had been recovered by the Sovereign Colonies.

Known Scientific Personnel[]