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Omar Nayim was one of the engineers on board the USG O'Bannon.


Nayim was tasked along with Noah Pawling and Alejandro Borges to keep a gravity stabilizer in check while the other crew members are to measure gravity fluctuations. However, when the gravity stabilizer started to overload, he along with Pawling and Borges attempted to fix it. Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Nickolas Kuttner who knocked him aside. Later, Omar met his end on Aegis VII as it started to break apart. His head was squashed by the planetary debris.


  • Omar Nayim is voiced by actor Sunil Malhotra.
  • He was also the pilot in his team.
  • According to Omar, he wanted to be a priest in his youth before becoming an Engineer and a Unitologist.
  • Omar was a devout Unitologist.

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