The Oracle Program[note 1] was a project aimed at the study of Lexine Weller's apparent immunity to the Markers and her possible reproduction of a child with Gabe Weller.[1]


One of the project's criteria involved Gabe impregnating Lexine, possibly due to the fact that they are the only couple who survived the exposure to the Marker 3A signal on Aegis VII and the USG Ishimura.[1] It's ultimate goal was to capture Lexine and her child to study the Marker's effects on the child if her immunity was passed on to them. However, because of the outbreak on Titan Station, the project was subsequently scrapped. Lexine's termination was ordered by Hans Tiedemann.[1]


  1. Bartlett: Weller, you can't save her. Look, you were both being played the whole time. Lexine was part of the Oracle Program. A lab rat. All they need you for was to get her pregnant.
    Gabe: What?!
    Bartlett But now you're just security risks. I'm sorry, Gabe. ---Dead Space 2: Severed: Severed: Chapter 2


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