Ore Storage Deck

USG Ishimura

  • Storing Processed Ore
Point(s) of Interest:
  • Ore Storage

The Ore Storage Deck is a huge two space open area (one of the largest by volume), where the processed ores from theplanet cracking operations were stored after smelting. The USG Ishimura's cargo holds were covered with stacked cargo boxes and ore cylinders.

Tram StationEdit

Zero-G Ore StorageEdit

This is where the USM Valor crashes into the Ishimura.


  • This Deck, along with the USM Valor, is where Chapter 9: Dead on Arrival of Dead Space takes place. The deck itself is actually never explored, rather the majority of the chapter takes place inside the USM Valor itself.
  • It is stated as 'Cargo Hold' on the Ishimura Tram System.

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