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This is Sergeant Neumann, P-Sec!

Planetside Security, regularly referred to as P-Sec, is a subdivision of the C.E.C. responsible for maintaining order on the many colonies the company has developed.



"Planetside security, nobody move!"
—Sergeant Neumann[1][2]

Planetside Security functions much like a twenty-first century police force culture, enforcing ordinances, quelling riots, and generally 'keeping the peace'.

Known Personnel[]

P-Sec Personnel[]


  • Commander
  • Sergeant
  • Detective
  • Operative



While it is known that C.E.C. employs P-Sec on most if not all of their colonies, only some locations are known.

Aegis VII[]

A Planetside Security division was in place on Aegis VII, and continued to function until and during the Second Aegis VII Incident. It was led by Commander James.

Increased Civil Unrest[]

"An errand? Gabe, we've got assaults, murder, suicides... Almost sixty dead and dozens injured. Nobody here's ever seen anything like it. We just can't cope."
—Detective McNeill[3]

Following the discovery of the Red Marker, disturbances began occurring with increasing frequency, ranging across the board with counts of assault, homicide, suicide, and ever-increasing rioting. On the day that the Marker was extracted and brought into the colony, P-Sec responded to two major disturbances, one in Union Square, the other in Megavent 24. In Union Square, fifty Unitologists committed mass suicide before any real preventive action could be made. In the latter case, however, P-Sec officers were dispatched to Megavent 24, were they put an end to Sam Caldwell's homicidal rampage. While both incidents stand out with high body counts, lesser disturbances and riots continued unabated.

Planet Crack[]

"P-Sec! Stand down, now!"
—Detective McNeill[3]

The Aegis VII Planet Crack saw an eruption of civil unrest unparalleled in previous days, with numerous colonists in a state of homicidal or suicidal dementia; this outburst of violence however, was little compared to the appearance of Necromorphs, who slaughtered colony personnel and eventually overran the entire colony.

"This is Jones, open call to all P-Sec officers! Listen up! Body shots don't put these things down! Aim for the limbs, take out the joints to immobilize them!"
—Operative Jones[3]

Planetside Security Headquarters was one of the first major facilities to be attacked by the Necromorphs; it was also assuredly the main resistance the recombinant creatures faced. While it is clear that the HQ building was quickly overrun, P-Sec personnel did put up a fight, correctly identifying the best method to destroy Necromorphs. Despite that resistance the majority of the Aegis VII Planetside Security personnel were slain and then infected.

Current Status[]

Due to the devastation, and later total destruction of the colony, Aegis VII Planetside Security has effectively ceased to exist. All of the members died either in the Second Aegis VII Incident or when the infection spread to the Ishimura.





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