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Building exterior

The roof of the Paleontology Sector.

The Paleontology Sector is a section of Facility Two on Tau Volantis. The facility is connected to the Biology Sector via a hallway.

The building was dedicated to studies of the extinct alien members but also the old fossils of some of the Necromorphs, such as a Snow Beast specimen. The main entrance of the building was near the exterior gate of the compound, but an interior crossover was located between the neurology section of the Biology Sector and the Paleontology Sector.

The 163rd's Reaper Barracks are also located in this sector.


Biology-Paleontology Sector Crossover[]

A bridge is located between the Biological Laboratory and the Paleontology Sector to allow travel indoors. The entrance from the Biology Sector was located on the second floor of the Neurology section and from the Paleontology Sector, at an office near the Artifact Analysis room.

Artifact Analysis[]

The Artifact Analysis room is a laboratory containing two floors, the upper mainly for maintenance along with an entrance to the crossover bridge and the downstairs contained a medium-sized research site. In the middle was a some kind of analysis tool possibly used to study any artifacts found, such as a piece of "Rosetta". A vaccum-sucking tool was also located near the wall used to move any artifact pieces to the main Rosetta lab. Along the walls, there are multiple workstations located with many scientific research of the aliens as well as some x-rays and pictures of different Necromorphs.

Reaper Barracks[]

See Reaper Barracks

The elevator leading down to the 163rd "Reaper" Unit's barracks was located just next to the analysis room.

Maintenance hallway[]

A hallway with a decontamination control room is located just next to the Reaper Barracks. The hallway has multiple glowing windows, presumably with labs located on the other sides as well as multitude of pipes containing corrosive decontamination liquid used to treat any outbreaks. A Bench is located in this area.

Main office[]

An office belonging to paleontology specialists was located next to the decontamination maintenance hallway


A large chamber containing a huge fossil of a dead Snow Beast, this area is nicknamed "the Zoo" by the crew that worked in the compound.  The area contains a piece of Rosetta and has many workstations with pictures and drawings of different Necromorphs as well as the extinct aliens. The roof had windows with a view to the sky. Going up stairs, there is another room with an airlock separating the outside and the Paleontology Sector. The door is just next to the main gate of Facility Two.


  • The only real Spitters of Dead Space 3 are encountered in the hallway leading from the Paleontology to the Biology Sector as well as further in to the building.
  • In the game files, the sector is mistakenly called "anthropology." Anthropology is a study based around various aspects of humans within past and present societies. Meanwhile, paleontology is based on the study of past life prior to 10,000 years before the present.
  • Taphonomy means, the branch of paleontology that deals with the processes of fossilization.
  • Paleontology lies on the border between biology and geology.
  • When Isaac enters the Paleontology Sector for the second time through the crossover from Biology, he enters the office room with the bonus room key and activates the key. A Spitter and an Enhanced Slasher will jump out of the nearby vents.