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The Patrol Suit appears in Dead Space 2 and in the DLC Dead Space 2: Severed. It appears to be constructed upon a base Security Suit with several modifications such as an alternative camo scheme and re-designed helmet. The suit is worn by EarthGov security officers on patrol duty.


Like the Riot and Elite Security Suit, it is mostly a re-skin of the original Security Suit. The Patrol Suit features an orange camouflage scheme and is personalized with the security logo and the name "G. Weller" printed onto the shoulder, back armor and neck collar. Its main difference is the helmet, which is changed significantly and features lenses rather than slits for vision.


  • This suit is used by Gabe Weller in his role as Security Officer in Severed with a matching Patrol Seeker Rifle.
  • The suit's set of monocular optics emits an orange light, and is the only RIG helmet in the series to do so.
  • The suit's helmet is blown open at the end of Severed by Victor Bartlett's hand grenade. If another suit is equipped instead of the Patrol Suit, only Gabe's leg will be severed while the helmet remains intact. Steam and sparks will still emit from where the rupture is supposed to be.
  • This suit, along with the matching Seeker Rifle, is unlocked in Dead Space 2 by purchasing Dead Space 2: Severed. However, it uses the regular Security Suit visor rather than the lenses for unknown reasons.
  • In both Severed and the main game, "G. Weller" is printed on the collar of the suit.
  • Similarly to Isaac and his Advanced Suit, Gabe is seen wearing the Patrol Suit in all of the advertisement for Severed.