Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter
Planet cracker DS3
Weapon Information


Schofield Tools


Planet Cracker


Directed-energy mining tool



Technical Specifications



Damage (DMG):


Reload Speed (RLD):


Ammo Capacity (CLP):


Rate of Fire (SPD):


Secondary Fire:

Blade spins 90°

Weapon Parts

Upper Tool:

Plasma Core

Upper Tool Tip:

Planet Cracker Tip

Lower Tool

Rotator Cuff Module

Lower Tool Tip:



Compact Elite Frame

Attachment 1:


Attachment 2:


Upper Tool Circuits:


Lower Tool Circuits:



The Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter is a weapon that appears in Dead Space 3. The weapon boasts increased damage and rate of fire over the standard Plasma Cutter, but has reduced reloading speed and magazine size. It also has all of its circuit slots unlocked, allowing players to place more circuits inside sooner without having to spend Tungsten.

The weapon is unlocked for players who have a Dead Space 2 save, and can first be equipped from the safe via the Bench aboard the CMS Roanoke in "Chapter 3: The Roanoke".

Overview Edit

Do you still have your Dead Space 2 save file? If you do, you're in luck. People that have played Dead Space 2 will unlock and receive the Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter upon reaching the first bench in Dead Space 3.

The Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter has slightly better parameters then the starting one and has all 8 circuit slots unlocked from [the] beginning giving you an ever so slight edge against the Necromorph terror.[1]

Design DetailsEdit

The Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter is awarded to anyone with a Dead Space 2 game save. It shares the same design as the Plasma Cutter, although it is colored completely in steel gray. It comes with a Compact Elite Frame.

Planet Cracker TipEdit

Specs for this tip:
DMG: 11.5
RLD: 11.5
CLP: 7.75
SPD: 9.5


Trivia Edit

The parameters show that the Planet Cracker Tip would actually penalize ammo per magazine from the Default Tip. Do not let it deceive you, however, as it starts with the same ammo capacity that the Default Tip does. Reload speed doesn't look to be penalized that much either. This makes the Planet Cracker an overall upgrade for those who have a Dead Space 2 save file on their system.

Bugs Edit

When this weapon is taken apart, it is impossible to fully put back together again as the Planet Cracker Tip cannot be equipped in conjunction with a Rotator Cufflink. This problem can be avoided by making a custom blueprint first.

This is likely due to it being considered a DLC weapon.

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References Edit

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