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"Our job is the safety of the crew. The way I see it, we have two options: Fight or die. We don't have the luxury of running."
Alissa Vincent[1]

The Planet Cracker Starship Ishimura Security, or P.C.S.I. Security, was the police force on the USG Ishimura.

During the events of the Aegis VII incident, the swiftness of the Necromorphs caused an utter break down in command, and the security personnel were not able to organize a valid defense. Over time, the ship was completely overrun by the Necromorphs, culminating in the death of P.C.S.I Sec's commanding officer, Alissa Vincent. The only known survivor from P.C.S.I. Sec was Sergeant Gabe Weller, leader of the Special Security Taskforce, who died during the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station three years later.


T Env Prop Sgn Ch02 SecurityStation Sign 01 E PACKED 0

P.C.S.I. Sec poster.

  • Chief Security Officer
  • Security Sergeant[2]
  • Security Officer[2]
  • Security Private[2]

Known Personnel[]

P.C.S.I. Security Personnel[]

Special Security Taskforce[]


P.C.S.I. Security personnel guarding Marker 3A.

Other Personnel[]


  • Each member of Vincent's team wears a unique uniform (with the exception of Dobbs, who uses the basic variant).
  • The P.C.S.I. Sec badge seen in Dead Space: Downfall is missing a dot on the "村" (mura) part of the "Ishimura" (石村) kanji.