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Type: Text
Characters: Information Packet
Chapter: 12
Can be found: Backstory Reward for Completing Game
(Excerpt from the CEC shareholder information packet on planetary mining)

Planet mining is, quite literally, the dismantling of planets and moons on a macro-scale. Entire worlds are fractured to reveal the rich seams of valuable minerals contained inside. Despite environmentalist concerns, the operation is perfectly safe and is the only way to extract the necessary resources on the large scale required to supply Earth and the colonies.
You may have read reports that claim the destruction of a planet can destroy an entire solar system due to the disruption in the gravitation forces that hold each celestial object in orbit. Some of the wilder reports claim this causes the whole system to spin out of control or causes planets to smash into each other. Concerned investors are directed to read the article "The CEC Pledge to the Health of Our Universe" for a detailed breakdown of the truths about Planet Cracking. The short answer is: Planet Cracking is perfectly safe and provides an essential service to Earth and the colonies. With all Planet Cracks, the planets are carefully chosen for their mineral content, net worth, and the safety with which they can be dismantled.
Planet Cracking is a lengthy process spanning from three to five years. Generally, the first year is spent prospecting and setting up the colony. The second year and a half involves tectonic excavation and related planet-side activities.
The Planet Cracker class ship arrives between the 2.5 and 3 year mark, depending on the progress of the excavation. Once the ship is in orbit, preparation for tectonic chunk extraction begins. This takes approximately one week.
The removal of an excavated chunk from the planet into a stabilized geosynchronous orbit usually takes about 1 day (24 standard hours). During this process, billions of tons of debris break off from the underside of the chunk, creating an instant asteroid ring around the planet. While the floating debris is extremely dangerous, the Planet Cracker ships have an excellent Asteroid Defense System (ADS) to keep the ship and crew safe from harm.
Depending on the size of the planet, this process is repeated until the entire planet has been broken up and processed.


The CEC is the largest solar mining and extraction company in the Earth colonies. It is also the fifth largest company in terms of market capital. It has become a powerhouse of industrial might and an influential political force. With a generous budget allocated to election spending, CEC has always been able to maintain and improve its market position.
The CEC owns over 400 deep space vehicles including five Planet Crackers, with the famous USG Ishimura as its flagship. The CEC was the first to develop deep space mining, asteroid catchers and was the first to implement shockpoint drives for commercial use. We are the largest supplier of precious metals.
Out of over three dozen Planet Cracks, only one operation has met with less than optimal results. Many may remember the Wanat Disaster 11 years ago wherein a Planet Cracker, three supply ships and a colony were lost due to a gravity tether failure. Since that time, CEC has worked closely with the manufacturers and held crew training lectures to ensure a disaster of this magnitude never happens again.
We take your financial well-being and the well-being of our employees seriously. When you invest in CEC, you are investing in the future of mankind.