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Plasma Cores are Weapon Parts in Dead Space 3. They can produce various power tools ranging from Contact Beams to Plasma cutters.

Design Details[]

A cutting tool that fires ionized plasma fuel.

Can be used as an Upper Tool and a Lower Tool

Attachable Tips[]

Heavy Frame: 

  • Default Tip [ Force Gun ]: Produces a kinetic shotgun with knock-back energy.
  • Compressor [Kinetic Projector]: Creates a charged weapon that fires a kinetic impulse.
    • Damage circuits do not seem to influence the kinetic projector.
  • Precision Tip [ Contact Beam ]: Produces a devastating beam of kinetic energy. For upper tools only.
    • Upgrading the Rate of Fire over +9 will cause a severe loss of accuracy. This applies to classic aiming mode. Switching to center aim can mitigate this, though in classic mode this may not be possible since classic aim is toggled by default.
  • Diffraction Torus [Ground Diffractor]: Creates a tool that knocks back all nearby enemies. For lower tools only.

Compact Frame:

  • Default Tip [Plasma Cutter]: Creates a standard Plasma Cutter beam.
  • Compact Conic Dispersal [Plasma Disperser]: Creates a wide Plasma Cutter beam.
  • Compact Directed Ejection Field [Plasma Repeater]: Creates a rapid fire Plasma Cutter beam. 
  • Planet Cracker Tip [Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter]: Creates a Planet Cracker beam. It does more damage per shot than the Default Tip, but it takes a bit longer to reload. Only available if you own Dead Space 2 and kept a saved game.
  • Tundra Recon Tip [Tundra Recon Plasma Cutter]: Identical to the Planet Cracker Tip, but with a different skin on the weapon. Only available with the Tundra Recon Pack DLC.


  • Despite the in-game description saying it's a "cutting tool", the Kinetic Projector, Force Gun, and Contact Beam do not fit the description (they blast instead of cut). Only the Plasma Cutter tool actually cuts things.
  • This specific core is used five times to make classic Dead Space weapons (two are needed for both the Force Gun and Contact Beam, and the Plasma Cutter requires one), which makes it the core that is needed the most.
  • The Default tip of this weapon (the Force Gun) is notably weaker than any other incarnation, requiring multiple clips most of the time to deal with basic Slashers.


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