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Plasma Energy batteries are small energy cells, which holds gasses that can create plasma. These batteries can contain enough gas to fire 25 shots, but are more commonly found with enough to fire only six on the default difficulty settings. Harder difficulties, depending on the game in the series, may lessen the amount per drop of energy. Plasma Energy is used by mining tools, such as the 211-V Plasma Cutter. Since they use mainly heat to cut through objects, with sufficient upgrading, this ammo type can also set enemies on fire for a short period after contact with the shot. Luckily, this ammo type is also rather plentiful, but is quickly consumed. When not collected, it emits a light yellow glow.

Apparently, Plasma cells have also been used as standard batteries for certain devices, as the Flashlight acquired in Dead Space 2 features a visually-unchanged battery-device after it was made into the Plasma Cutter. It also does not require a new type of ammunition and plasma batteries are inserted into it, which further supports the battery theory.


  • The Plasma Energy world model is slightly larger than the one inserted into the Plasma Cutter.