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Not to be confused with a Power Node, an item used to upgrade weapons, stasis and RIG.

Power cell 1

A Power Cell residing in its slot, providing power to the nearby door.

A Power Cell is an object found in numerous areas throughout the Dead Space series. It is used to power various pieces of equipment, most commonly locked doors. The Power Cell resembles and acts as an oversized battery.


Power Cells are universal power supplies that are inserted into electrical ports to provide power to many different objects, including: locked doors, lights, and machines. Almost any large device can either be fitted with or linked to a standardized Power Cell, hence their universal adoption.

Power Cells and devices utilizing them also benefit from interchangeability. If a certain cell becomes damaged or otherwise ceases to operate properly, a replacement is never far away. All Power Cells are designed exactly the same, and can be easily swapped out with another when needed.


Power cell 2

A burnt-out Power Cell in need of replacement.

In the Dead Space series, Power Cells are used as a light puzzle mechanic. Often the player will encounter a burnt-out cell in need of replacement, or sometimes a slot completely devoid of a needed cell. The player then must locate a working Power Cell to place in the required slot.

A replacement Power Cell is always nearby when they are required, never more than a room away. Power Cells must be picked up with Kinesis, and the player must then take the Cell to the required slot. The suspended Power Cell will automatically slide into the desired slot once Isaac is close enough to it, and once the player disengages Kinesis, the newly placed cell will be activated.

Gameplay Advantages[]

Power Cells can also occasionally give the player a tactical advantage against a Necromorph horde. If the player is in a dark area that is in need of a nearby Power Cell, providing the needed Cell will often cause additional lighting to power the area, allowing the player to better survey their surroundings.


  • A Burnt-out/damaged Power Cell will appear red; An undamaged Power Cell will appear blue. Both are exclusive to each color.
  • Power Cells can be shot across an area, with Kinesis, instead of being towed. This eliminates the danger of carrying the Cell through a Necromorph-infested area. However a Power Cell Cannot be shot into the slot.
  • Power Cells are handled by the player exclusively through the use of Kinesis, although they can very well be handled manually, as Ellie Langford demonstrates in Chapter 12 of Dead Space 2.
  • It is unusual how large and bulky Power Cells are, considering the advanced technology seen in the Dead Space universe.