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"I'm convinced we are puppets of some alien influence. I no longer believe we are in control of this project, or ever were. I believe even our rationalizations for this whole thing are an illusion, planted by the forces behind the original Marker, the Black one. We don't know how to make this thing. It is making us make it. And it's trying to get out. Desperately. I'm under security watch after taking a sledgehammer to the tiny Marker I built last week. We need to destroy everything we've built here, and destroy every record, every shred of research. They were right the first time on Aegis VII -- this is beyond our ability to know or control!"
Kinner Phelps
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Project Telomere seal. The scientific instruments appear to represent Titan Station seen from above while the DNA helix appears to symbolize a Marker.

Project Telomere was an EarthGov research program conducted in the Government Sector of Titan Station, serving the purpose of studying Marker-related phenomena using specialized equipment in the hopes of saving the resource-stricken humanity from extinction by safely harnessing the Markers' technology.

As explained in one of Director Hans Tiedemann's logs, those involved with the project came to the consensus that humanity could no longer sustain itself and needed the Markers to survive. As a result, EarthGov's goals were to study the Markers in order to secure a source of energy and develop new manufacturing techniques and efficiencies. The project also had at least one laboratory dedicated to vegetation study, suggesting that the researchers were also looking into biological aspects.


Telomere datacenter

A data collection laboratory tied to the project.

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Marker schematics and information found in the project's laboratories.

EarthGov began Project Telomere three years before the Necromorph outbreak on Titan Station. Isaac Clarke and Nolan Stross were its primary subjects, though there were others. Titan Station governor Hans Tiedemann oversaw the project while scientist Foster Edgars undertook much of the research. Marker construction was seemingly headed by Kinner Phelps. EarthGov troops augmented the Titan Station Security Enforcement Guard.

Through the use of the Noonlight Diagnostics Machine, Project Telomere's staff were able to study signals and patterns in the human brain related to Marker-induced dementia and build their own Markers for study.

In the event of a breach and a potential Necromorph outbreak, project protocols forbade the evacuation of the Sprawl's residents.[1]

Project Telomere research on Titan Station came to an abrupt end when Isaac Clarke successfully destroyed the Site 12 Marker. All of the materials and equipment were vaporized in the blast that destroyed Titan Station.

Project Telomere Logs[]

"Kinner Phelps. Research log 43-509. I can't stop thinking about the formulas from Patient 4's last session. They are so clearly ordered, they keep playing back in my mind. The final configuration seems within reach, I could almost solve it myself. It's funny, I was telling Travis the other day that it's almost like it "wants" us to succeed. I've never seen anything like it. Once we finally solve this heuristic stabilization problem, we should be able to start growing the layers of the Marker from the mineral baths."
—Kinner Phelps
"Kinner Phelps. Research log 43-545. I blacked out again last night. Like before, I had apparently written several of Patient 4's formulas on my note pad. However -- I had written complex combinations of his formulas. Oddly, they are the complete heuristic sequencing algorithm that he gave out today. I find this coincidence disturbing, and I can still see the formulas behind my eyes. We'll try the reconfigured algorithm on the seed layers today. We may have a real Marker layer by morning."
—Kinner Phelps (unused log)
"Kinner Phelps. Research log 43-546. Success. The Marker layer held up. It is a fully expressed physical representation of the heuristic algorithms from Patient 4, with no breakdowns. The construction schedule begins in earnest tomorrow. Celebration is tonight. I hope I don't black out in the middle of the party. I'm anxious, for some reason."
—Kinner Phelps
"Kinner Phelps. Research log 43-549. I blacked out early last night, and woke up this morning staring at a tiny fully formed version of the Marker in one of the crystal layer printing baths. I had entered the entire heuristic sequencing algorithm. I can still hear it in my mind, like a song now. I know the dementia-suppressors are working, but this is something entirely different."
—Kinner Phelps
"Bonnie Worthington. Research log 16-671: It's the same signal. Dementia and codes and blueprints are all caused by the same signal from the Marker. It's the people that are different. Smart people "see" codes and blueprints, but to everyone else, it's just noise. Noise that drives you mad."
—Bonnie Worthington
"The dampening system built into the shielding around the Marker Test Beds SHOULD be blocking the signal entirely. But I swear the dementia signal is STILL getting through. Not a single thing registers on any sensor outside the shield walls. Put the same sensor inside with the Marker, and it goes off the charts. So we've either missed something entirely, or... I don't know what. You know, if we have, oh man, please heaven help us."
—Project Telomere scientist
"To anyone who may find this transmission: There are people, even some of my own staff, who say I am a monster for what I brought to this station. They say the Marker is manipulative - that it influenced my decisions. They don't understand that what I did, I did for this community - for our species. Titan Station was a dead husk before I breathed life back into it with government research grants. That research - into unimaginable sources of energy, into manufacturing techniques and efficiencies far beyond all previous understanding - is the only hope that remains for mankind. We have relied on destructive planetcracking for far too long and now we can no longer sustain ourselves. We need the Markers to survive. If we fail in our efforts to understand them, there is no hope left for humanity."
—Director Hans Tiedemann