Ptolemy Station

 Ptolemy Station was created by the Sovereign Colonies to trace the Master Signal of the Markers.

Overview Edit

Not much was known about it's structure, but it appeared that in the topmost of the station research was conducted while the lower part stored Marker Pylons which are used to trace the source of the Master Signal.

History Edit

It was unknown when the station was created, but it could be assumed that it was at least a couple of years before the Tau Volantis Expedition. It was also unknown how long the research lasted, but once it was completed, the Sovereign Colonies commissioned the expedition. It was abandoned in 2314. In 2514, Ellie Langford, Robert Norton and John Carver along with a group of soldiers under Norton traveled there to extract information about the Master Signal and locate ''the source'' of the Markers, using Marker Pylons. Afterward, the station was destroyed by the USM Eudora's armaments so the Circle could not extract any information from it.