Chicxulub Puerto

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Puerto Chicxulub
or Chicxulub Puerto was a town of the state Yucatán, located in the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. This town was in close proximity to the site where an asteroid crashed with the Earth (6-degrees causing mass extinction) and it was called the Chicxulub crater. The town was affected by the black effigy located in the crater and it was referred to by the populace as the "tail of the devil", represented by crossing the index and middle fingers.

History Edit

It is not known when it was founded but was used by Juan Francisco Esquivel and rose to defend the coast against the incursion of pirates in 1663.

Dead Space: Martyr Edit

These people were among the first to see a necromorph thanks for chava nicknamed local beach boy who was burning in a ritual.

The town was a place used for various scientific research among them were Michael Altman, his girlfriend Ada Chavez and his partner James Field. after a while it was gravitational anomaly detected from the center of the crater, Michael was the one who was interested as well as other scientists who wanted to know they were. A technician from the company DredgerCorp named Charles Hammond who informed him about the phenomenon, later committed suicide at the night in the streets of the city.

Some cases of suicide as insomnia for some certain areas. After a day DredgerCorp met almost all scientists of the city to form a team to investigate the gravitational anomalies, they were brought near the center of the crater where an aquatic facility was at.

Destination Edit

For environmental cambion that happened on Earth the term Puerto being destruidom for the Gulf. in the intro of Dead Space 3, the place where the impact occurred was shown flooded.

Place Names Edit

Chhic mayan voices, lighting, tail of the devil, Xulub and cueron. The word "chhic" literally means flea demon.

Trivia Edit

  • It was the only town of the land to be affected by an alien effigy.
  • In the book chicxulub word was mistranslated and was called "devil's tail" and is actually the devil thumb.
  • The place name is misspelled in its writing not Chicxulub port and harbor.
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