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Pulse Rounds are the ammunition for the SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle.


When the Earth Defense Force designed and implemented the Pulse Rifle, there was a need for a special ammunition type that was both effective and reliable arises. With a distinctive "Bell and stock" design, pulse magazines can be inserted and removed from the Pulse Rifle with minimal effort and risk.


The Pulse Rounds are coiled around the "bell" and are drawn to the next space when the round in front is fired, this makes the magazine both reliable and gives the rifle a rate of fire only beaten by the Flamethrower and the Arc Welder and their constant stream. Pulse Rifles use magnetic coils to accelerate rounds to hypersonic velocities; the (comparatively) small caliber makes the Pulse Rifle rather inefficient at dismemberment, but the high speed of the rounds causes any adversary to stop short in its tracks, effectively stunning the target so you can formulate a new plan of attack.

A single slot of inventory can hold 100 Pulse Rounds, but Pulse ammunition is greatly common, usually found in packs 0f 15-20 on Normal difficulty. These rounds are quite accurate, and the instantaneous travel speed doesn't give enemies time to get out of the way. It is the ideal weapon of choice for the elimination of Twitchers and the Pack due to its stunning effect, and high rate of fire.


  • They are even effective at stunning a Stalker mid-charge.
  • They are replaced by Universal Ammunition in Dead Space 3.