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"In these final hours, it's not the numbing pain of my ankle that preoccupies me or even fear for my life. I know I will die. What worries me is what will happen when I do. Is there even such a thing as Convergence? We've been told our entire lives how wonderful it will be but what we have witnessed is anything but. And this Voice - are we instruments of its divinity or have we become the tools of our own destruction? I find myself hoping that none of it is true and that, when I die, I will feel nothing and this nightmare will finally be over. I have only one more moment of pain to endure. And then I will be free."
—Randall Carr's last words before being killed by the New Cult.[1]

Randall Carr was a member of the Circle and second-in-command after Jacob Arthur Danik.


Dead Space 3: Awakened[]

"We all saw the Moon awaken. With great spectacle it parted the clouds, bringing with it glorious Convergence. And so we waited for the end, hands clasped, staring skyward. Then came a brilliant flash of green light from the Moon itself and it began to grow larger. But it wasn't increasing in size. It was falling; falling to the planet's surface and burning the sky as it fell. The impact was cataclysmic. As the shock wave covered us, I knew death would take us - the first step towards our eternal future. Yet we lived."
—Randall Carr describes the Tau Volantis Moon's destruction.[2]

Carr was one of Jacob Danik's men before his death. After Danik deactivated the Machine and resumed Convergence, Carr stood with the other surviving Unitologists, holding hands and waiting to die. However, when Isaac Clarke and John Carver were able to re-activate the Machine, destroying the Necromorph Moon, Randall suffered from a crisis of faith. After the destruction of the Moon, when his men began to be affected with an aggressive form of insanity, Randall ordered a massive recall of the survivors on Tau Volantis to the CMS Terra Nova where he hoped to reactivate the derelict ship's ShockPoint Drive and escape to Earth.

However, Carr's men began to go insane and rally around a charismatic leader who preached about a new Church, made "not of brick and mortar, but of flesh and blood". This so-called "prophet" and the other survivors began to ritualistically mutilate themselves, sawing off body parts as offerings to the approaching Brethren Moons, in stark contrast to the usual Unitologist belief that the body is a sacred vessel. Carr and a small number of his men attempted to hide from the cultists, but one by one, they either killed themselves or were captured by the cultists and forcibly converted to their new cause.

Carr was captured after his leg was broken and though he was able to resist their madness, he wrote one final journal entry in which he commented that he had lost all of his beliefs in the Unitologist religion and he now hoped that after the cultists killed him, he would simply experience oblivion.


  • One of the hallucinations during the Awakened DLC is a flashback of a Circle member being mutilated by the Cult Leader. Many people assume this Circle member to be Randall Carr, but there is no confirmation of this. This hallucination was featured in two official screenshots: