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The recording in which Scenario Five is brainwashed into personnel.

The Reaper Barracks were the personal quarters of the elite special forces 163rd "Reaper" Unit and is the location of the optional mission "Reaper Barracks". The Barracks are located underneath the Paleontology Sector of Facility Two.

This area seems to be highly infested with Creepers as many severed heads can be found at the entrance (presumably the severed heads were the source of these Necromorphs).

Isaac will find near the end of this area a room with a projector looping endlessly a hypnosis recording, used to brainwash the personnel of the S.C.A.F. into mindlessly following the commands they are given, such as the Scenario Five. And also loot given for completing the mission.


Palaeontology Sector[]

You will have picked up the Reaper Barracks Key upon first entering the Palaeontology Sector during chapter 14 and after pushing on a little, killing a veritable horde of feeders, solving a complex rotation puzzle and sending the first slide back to the Rosetta lab, you will enter a room with two options. The locator wants you to head through the left hand door to continue the main mission whilst using the key card on the socket at the end of the hall will allow you to activate the elevator here leading to the Reaper Barracks.

Reaper Barracks[]

Upon exiting the lift you will find a text log [Log 1/3] on the floor nearby. Open the gate and you’ll find another text log [Log 2/3] near the suit kiosks here. Enter the next door and look to the right, a swarmer will be infecting a dead commando. Kill it and wait for another to show up to eliminate that guy too. Once they are dead loot the room (note there is an upgrade circuit on the desk to the left of the door on new game +) and you will find a text log [Log 3/3] before exiting the door the swarmers entered from.

Eliminate the swarmer resurrected commandos on the opposite walkway. Climb down the ladder (note there is a MK-II Damage Support weapon part in the crate to the left on new game +) and proceed to the end of the hallway. Here there is a stasis refill if you require it.

Through the small doorway to the right you will see a spiked wall moving back and forward down the tube here. We need to use stasis on this and follow it back down the tube and then duck into the next exit on the left. Kill the swarmer in here and grab the weapon part – Damage Support [Weapon Part 1/3] from the table.  Before leaving this area, look back at the tube we exited from and shoot the moving spiked wall one more time and once it has gone past the doorway, look behind it to spot the Peng treasure! Use kinesis to grab this.

Note: for picking up the Peng Treasure you will earn the achievement/trophy ‘There’s always Peng!’

Enter the tube on the opposite side of the room (this spike wall does not move) and enter the next doorway to the left. Kill the Slasher here and loot the locker on the wall for an upgrade circuit [Circuit 1/2]. Return to the tube and follow it to the end. Climb the ladder.

At the top, continue along the walkway here and kill the two Slashers that appear behind you. Enter the unlocked door. Proceed past the impaled slasher and into the next room.

Turn left and kill the three swarmers (or the bodies that they resurrect) and continue into the room. As you enter the room with the bench here a group of 5 Slashers will attack. Once they are dead, look in the open door to the right of the bench to find a S.C.A.F Artifact [Artifact 1/1] on a dresser at the end of the bed. Use the bench if you require it (note that there is an upgrade circuit on the table opposite the bench on new game +) and continue through the next unlocked door.

As you enter you will see a series of lasers. These are attached to harpoon guns mounted on the walls in here and breaking them will cause them to fire. Use kinesis to grab an object and throw it through the beams to proceed inside. Kill the slasher here and continue through the next door.

As you enter, you will see a projector playing. Behind this is another laser trap guarding a chest. Disable the trap and loot the chest for a couple of boxes of spare parts, a Blueprint – Show Stopper [Blueprint 1/1] and two weapon parts – Heavy Elite Frame [Weapon Part 2/3] and Rail Accelerator [weapon Part 3/3]. Work your way over to the next doorway and pick up the Reaper Officer’s Key from the corpse to the right of the door and kill the swarmers that come.

Unlock the door using the panel and use kinesis to turn the crank. Kill the swarmer revived commando in front and then turn around to kill the group of 6 Slashers that appear behind you in the room with the chest.

When it’s clear, continue through the door and turn right. Here you will see a panel we can interact with to hack open the nearby door. Do so and proceed inside. Disable the traps in here, kill the two swarmers and at the far end of the room you will find an upgrade circuit [circuit 2/2] in a locker on the wall. Return to the previous room and enter the door to the right.

Kill the two Creepers here and take the elevator back to the Palaeontology Sector to complete the optional mission.


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Dead Space 3 - Reaper Barracks Walkthrough Impossible Difficulty