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A Recharge Station is a utility port used to replenish supplies. After usage, the port briefly disables for several seconds to recharge itself after which it reactivates and can be used again.

Dead Space[]

In Dead Space, only the Stasis Module and the suit's onboard Oxygen Supply can be replenished. An alternative method to replenish these supplies is by using air cans and stasis packs.

Dead Space 2 and 3[]

In Dead Space 2, only the suit's Stasis Module and Oxygen Supply can be replenished, just like in the first Dead Space game. Although stasis packs can still be utilized to refill the Stasis Module, air cans are not present on Titan Station or the USG Ishimura.

Stasis and Oxygen recharges are still present as of Dead Space 3, and are widely available to accommodate for the much more treacherous environment Isaac and Carver has to face. Of course, Stasis Packs are still present and can be crafted for emergency use.

Though oxygen now has a much larger storage capacity compared to the previous games, there is now a lot more vacuum space to maneuver, thus requiring a much more rapidly frequent recharge rate. Oxygen can now also be refilled from air tanks free-floating in space, said tanks are also stored in yellow storage boxes dotting the many pieces of wreckage around the flotilla that can be shot to reveal them.


  • When fighting stronger necromorphs such as the Hunter, the Ubermorph or Brutes, the Stasis Recharge Station usefulness is greatly increased.
  • A Stasis Recharge Station provides unlimited stasis so its best to use it as much as possible to conserve ammunition.
  • Whenever a puzzle that requires stasis in Dead Space is present, there will be a Stasis Recharge Station located somewhere nearby. Use stasis freely.
  • The 'progress' of the recharge station recharging can be seen by looking the oxygen can's and stasis 'button'.They will gradually ascend until available for another recharge.