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Type: Text
Characters: Dr. G Abernathy, Dr. Clifton (deceased), Dr. Hogan (deceased)
Chapter: 12
Can be found: Backstory Log Reward for Completing Game
Personal Log: Dr. G. Abernathy, automated
(Restricted access - Maximum encryption)

Day three of quarantine for the former Dr. Clifton and Hogan. The infection is spreading quickly through Dr. Clifton. Dr. Hogan appears unaffected at this time.

The chest of the corpse has started to expand, like it's taking a deep breath. Something appears to be happening under the surface of the skin. The body is convulsing - a yellowish briny liquid bursts from the mouth accompanied by choking noises. There's a crunching noise as the throat bulges and the jaw collapses. The head is splitting apart... reforming now into what appear to be a proboscis and feelers. The chest splits along the centre now as the flesh stretches and expands outwards; the organs, bone and muscle bend inwards. The internal organs contort and reorganize themselves into an odd structure central to which is a massive bladder. The bladder is filling with a liquid, some of which can be seen spilling from the proboscis. I can only assume the two are connected.

The legs are quivering as the flesh peels away and meshes with the flesh from the chest region. There is a sudden snap halfway through the process as one leg bends backwards. More quivering now and the other leg has snapped at the knee. The changes appear to be slowing now... it starts to sit up, the body is convulsing, the legs flopping. It is trying to take its first step, uneasy as first... but now it is adapting quickly. A half-dozen steps and it seems to be perfectly at home with the new, contorted form.

The spattering on the glass is making observation difficult. It appears that Dr. Hogan's legs are elongating, somehow flaying themselves and now twisting with a mixture of his own internal organs into a single appendage, like some sort of tail. His face is contorted, his jaw clenching and unclenching... several jaw-like appendages are emerging from his ever widening mouth. His mouth no longer appears able to accommodate the change... his head is splitting, seams bursting...

And almost instantly, he is perched on his hands, shifting his weight from one palm to the other. He's pacing, circling the room and... he appears to be watching me! He sees me! No, he's fixated on the ceiling now... Oh God no, he's leaping at the vent! With his powerful tail-like appendage, he's striking at the reinforced covering, trying to get it open! I must warn the others!

Recording end!