"Lunar living just right."
—Red Moon Apartments motto[1][note 1]
Red moon apartments logo

The Red Moon Apartments was an apartment complex located on Luna's New Horizons Lunar Colony. It was owned by the Earthrise Apartments.[1] It was the home of Isaac Clarke in 2514.

The name "Red Moon" could be a reference to the Brother Moon which was the final boss of the game.


The complex was in a state of disrepair. Tattered and run down, a complete contrast of the pristine and maintained environments of Titan Heights and Cassini Towers on Titan Station. Graying and dingy, the walls are adorned with posters and flyers notes torn or peeled away. Graffiti scrawled across the walls and posters promoting the Earth Government revealed the residence's low opinion of its governing body.

Dumpsters, bags and cans of garbage sat in the halls filled to the brim which was a sign of the indifference on the part of the tenants or the landlords. The complex's main entrance and yard was gated, separating it from the outer yard and general populace.

Not dissimilar to the complex overall appearance, Clarke's untidy apartment reflected both his decaying state of mind in the aftermath of his separation with Ellie Langford and his experiences with the Markers and Necromorphs.

When Robert Norton and John Carver located Clarke's apartment, the Unitologist group, the Circle sieged the colony. Carver, Clarke and Norton are ambushed just outside the apartment complex in the first encounter with the new enemy.

Locations Edit

Building Courtyard Edit

A dark and dirty courtyard was located just outside the main entrance of the apartment complex. The courtyard had an inactive fountain, a bench as well as a ton of posters and graffiti placed across the walls.

Isaac's apartment. Edit

Isaac's apartment was a simple, not so luxurious, medium-sized room that had a bathroom near to the living area. A huge window overlooking the Lunar Marker Shroud was located at the end of the room. A bed for two people was also located in the room. A door leading to the main pathway to the apartments was located next to the bathroom.



  1. As seen on the poster outside the apartment, during the Unitologist ambush.


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