Silo overlook
The Silo was a sector of the Research Compound of the Sovereign Colonies Tau Volantis base.

It was the main entrance to the Alien City, located below the compound to the east. The entrance to the Silo was located right next to the Geology Sector entrance.

The Silo was used to deliver artifacts from the Machine up to the surface as well as to bring personnel down to the Machine with the use of an elevator platform.

The Silo was made up of multiple platforms built on the side of a huge elevator shaft. The platforms are equipped with heavy machinery such as massive cranes used to bring up the artifacts. Some platforms are used as storage areas for the artifacts, munitions or equipment.

Locations Edit

Silo Checkpoint EntranceEdit

A security checkpoint was located between the Geology Sector and the Silo courtyards. The checkpoint was secured behind huge blast doors. The main room had a control panel with multiple security monitors isntalled above. The room also had a shelf and a chalkboard.

Silo courtyard Edit

A courtyard such as the one next to the Geology Sector was located at the front entrance of the Silo. The courtyard was used as a temporal warehouse of artifacts. General Mahad killed Caufman, purged the Codex of its information and committed suicide in the courtyard. After Scenario Five, the courtyard was filled with hung corpses of the S.C.A.F personnel.

Loading bay Edit

The loading bay was the first section of the Silo located on the top, surface floor. The bay was made of multiple entry ways such as the one from the courtyard.

Crane Platform Edit

"Platform 1" Edit

Platform 1 was the lower section of the "Crane Platform".

Ordnance Storage Edit

Hydraulics and Staging Platform Edit

Hydraulics was the first section of the overpass to the other side of the Ordnance Storage.

The staging platform was the second section of the overpass to the other side of the Ordnance Storage.

Ventilation System Edit

The ventilation system brought clean air to the Alien City below the Research Compound. The tunnels originated from the surface all the way down to the different areas of the City. The shafts are huge enough for an entire small ship to enter.

A ventilation shaft entrance Edit

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