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Last Oil

The final oil well on Earth is depleted.[1]

The Resource Wars is the name given to a series of armed conflicts that had begun by the 23rd century and continued until the late 25th century. These wars were fought over the nearly-exhausted resources of Earth and the dwindling supplies of its colonies.


In the early 24th century, the Resource Wars along with the Secession War played a significant role in the collapse of the Sovereign Colonies administration.[2]

At some point after the early 24th century, Conamara Chaos, a region of chaotic terrain on Jupiter's moon Europa, was a battleground of the Resource Wars. The Earth Defense Force achieved a victory there, with its Corps of Engineers likely having played a crucial role.[3]

The Resource Wars eventually began to subside in the 2440s with the invention of planet cracking, and had ended by 2508.[4]

Gabe Weller and Nathan McNeill served together during the Resource Wars. On Scorpio 6, McNeill saved Weller from a three-way firefight when he was injured. Sometime after the Resource Wars ended, the two went their separate ways, with Nathan becoming a detective for P-Sec and Gabe becoming a security officer on board the USG Ishimura.