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Rick Cramer

Rick Cramer (born June 6, 1958) is an American actor who provides the voice and likeness for Foster Edgars in Dead Space: Aftermath and Dead Space 2. He also provides the voice for Abraham Neumann in the Dead Space animated comics.


Rick Cramer was born in Marietta, Georgia on June 6, 1958. Cramer has also lived in Florida, Texas and Tennessee where he graduated from Franklin High School. After a six-year tour of duty in the US Air Force, Cramer came to Hollywood. All the "credits" on his acting resume were fake when he got his first film job on the Joel Silver/Denzel Washington actioner Ricochet (1991). All his scenes were opposite John Lithgow. Cramer continues to pursue his acting as well as a feldgling writing career. He has recently completed writing a television pilot entitled "The Pentagon" as well as a feature film script entitled "Miller's Prize" about a WWII pilot shot down over northern Italy. This story is based on true events Cramer learned of while stationed 60 miles north of Venice, Italy during his Air Force tour.



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