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The Riot Police Security Suit is unlocked after beating Dead Space 2 on the first playthrough. The suit is based off the Security Suit, and is another palette swap of the original. This suit is worn by riot security officers.


Like the Security Suit, it's a palette swap. The color scheme is similar to the Elite Security Suit, the only differences being:

  • The suit is noticeably more black than the Elite Security Suit.
  • Has a red checkerboard design at the tip of neck guard, and above the word "POLICE" on the shoulder guard.
  • Still bearing the words "POLICE" on Isaac's arms, instead of having "SWAT", like the Elite Security Suit. It also has the same number as the Elite Security Suit; "1002" can be seen on the helmet, while in the Elite Security Suit, the number can be seen on the right arm.
  • It looks like the Solid Black suit from multiplayer.

The Riot Security Suit features, like other suits in Dead Space 2, movement thrusters located on the shoulders and lower legs, as well as a folding helmet which can be stored within the suit's holographic projector. Also, like all other full-body vacuum-rated suits, the Riot Security Suit features self-sealing technology, meaning that it will seal itself if punctured or otherwise damaged in a manner which compromises the wearer's exposure. This allows operators to work in the vacuum of space or other similarly hazardous environments, even after sustaining damage.

However, despite being the same design as the standard Security Suit, the Riot Security Suit has a damage resistence rate of 25%, making it one of the best suits a player can get in the game.


  • The suit has the highest armor rating possible for a second playthrough. Since it's available for free and all suits retain the highest amount of armor and inventory slots, it is always a good idea to grab this suit.
  • Riot shields are seen used by Sprawl Security in the Government Sector; it's likely that there were riot officers present at some point.
  • If you start a New Game (not New Game+ or on Hard Core), you can access this suit at the very first Store if you already beat the game on a separate save file. This might be a glitch that the developers overlooked.
  • In Dead Space: Catalyst it is mentioned that the security personnel at the penal colony on Aspera wear this RIG.


  • Similar to the Arctic Security Suit and Elite Security Suit, there is a scripting problem with this RIG's equipping animation. Normally, when this suit is put on, Isaac would not have anything equipped, but the damage-boosted Contact Beam, if present in Isaac's inventory, can be seen attached to his right hand and will clip through the suit (and Isaac's head) when Isaac stretches the collar section.
    • Also, the Contact Beam will automatically be equipped upon wearing the suit.
      • All of the above can be encountered with the Pulse Rifle, if also present in your inventory instead of the Contact Beam.



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Isaac putting on the Riot Security Suit