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Ripper Disc found in Dead Space and inventory icon on left and right respectively.

Ripper Blades are circular saws specially designed to be used by the RC-DS Remote Control Disc Ripper. These blades are capable of cutting through several types of rock and metals, while cutting through flesh and bone with barely any resistance.


These blades are rather common and inexpensive compared to other ammunition types. It emits a purple glow when not collected, similar to Power Nodes. They are very abundant in Dead Space, but rarer in Dead Space 2.

In Dead Space the blades are first found (as well as the schematic for the disc's) during Chapter 3 on the Engineering Deck. They are normally found in boxes of four (refer to image) which fills half of the Disc Ripper's magazine.

The most notable feature about the blades, however, is their ability to remain locked in position, yet move freely on a horizontal axis. Whether or not a form of kinesis is used is yet to be stated although a purple kinesis style electricity is shown to connect the blade to the tool.

One major inconsistency is the propulsion of the blades; whilst they appear to shatter after a certain period of cutting, how they remain spinning at a constant speed (whilst cutting through resistant mineral or tissue) when suspended and without propulsion is a mystery.


  • The blades in the RCDS emit no sound when the tool is fully upgraded.
  • The blades in Dead Space 2 appear to have teeth on them, and yet have similar stats to the Dead Space (2008) variation.
  • The blade can be turned vertically in Dead Space: Extraction and in Dead Space (mobile).  In Dead Space 3, the Handheld Ripper can be modified to turn the blades vertically; the two-handed Ripper cannot.