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The Rock Saw is a weapon seen in the movie Dead Space: Downfall and in the game Dead Space: Extraction.

The Rock Saw seems to be a mining instrument designed to mine and cut ore from rocks. The front end is a standard metal pick with serrated edges, while the back end can be folded out to create a laser for slicing and cutting various materials. Evidently the laser is quite powerful, demonstrated by the ease by which it sliced through Jennifer Barrow's neck when she committed suicide.

The Rock Saw is the sole melee weapon for all playable characters in Dead Space: Extraction. When retrieved, it is mentioned that the Rock Saw functions by transforming kinetic force into an electronic discharge, thus amplifying its physical impact. It is not possible to dismember a Necromorph with the Rock Saw, and it may not even be possible to kill them with it - Necromorphs are certainly capable of taking multiple hits from this weapon with relatively little damage. Its main usage is to interrupt strikes from Necromorphs, particularly when reloading a primary weapon, as well as cutting through certain obstacles- mainly "fleshy growths", similar to the tentacles used to block the door leading to The Leviathan.


  • The Rock Saw was first seen in Dead Space: Downfall, used by Jennifer Barrow to kill herself; however, until the release of Dead Space: Extraction, the tool had not been given an official name.
  • In Dead Space: Extraction, the weapon is first found in the hands of a deranged engineer in Chapter 1.
  • Both the Rock Saw and the Rivet Gun used by Nathan McNeill in Dead Space: Extraction are the same ones used by Sam Caldwell in the first chapter, as he was returning them to the evidence locker while escorting Weller's team to the morgue.
  • In Dead Space: Extraction, McNeill was forced to amputate his right arm with his Rock Saw after he was pinned to the ship's hull by a spike launched by the previously defeated Spider.
  • In Dead Space: Extraction, the Rock Saw is used as a melee weapon throughout the game. It can be used to knock back enemies that get too close, and to cut through occasional strands of The Corruption.
  • The Rock Saw can also be referenced to as a Laser Pick.