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The Rotator Cuff Module is a small cufflink mechanism in the lower tool section in Dead Space 3. It enables certain upper tools to rotate by 90 degrees vertically and horizontally. It is compatible with most forms of Plasma Cutters and is included on the default Cutter. 

Most DLC Tips are incompatible with the Cufflinks.


Turns the Tool 90 degrees.

The Cufflink mechanism is compatible with Compact Plasma and Rip Cores, producing rotatable sawblades and Plasma Cutters that essentially resemble the ones in previous games. If attached to a Heavy Frame set, the default Tesla Core gains the rotating ability as well, which turns it into an oversized Plasma Cutter. Rip Cores are unique in that they are compatible with both the Compact and Heavy Rotator Cuffs.

Note that certain tip types cannot be attached in conjunction with the Rotator Cuff, thus limiting its use.

The Rotator Cuff module, being a non-weapon part, only benefits from +SPD and +RLD Circuits, the +SPD Circuits slightly quickens the turning animation for each circuit slot filled.


  • The Dead Space 2-reward Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter has a problem with its Planet Cracker tip. The Tip, if dismantled from the tool by accident, cannot be put back together with the Cufflinks, as it is considered a DLC Tip and thus is incompatible with the Cufflink module.
  • Some weapon tips, such as the Negotiator Directed Ejection Field (which produces the Negotiator Line Gun), are incompatible with this module. It appears that all weapons that can be rotated normally (Plasma Cutter, Ripper, Line Gun) cannot work with the Rotator Cuff Module if equipped with DLC tips.