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The "Rusty Advanced Suit" is an alternative variant of the iconic Dead Space 2 Advanced Suit. It was set to appear in Dead Space 3, however it was scrapped in favor of the EVA Suit as seen in the launch version of the game. While the name "Rusty Advanced Suit" isn't official, fans refer to it as that way due to the suit's distinct style from the regular Advanced Suit.


"An advanced prototype suit developed at the Titan Station Research Laboratory, designed to withstand over 10,000 PSI of pressure."
—Suit Kiosk description

The suit itself is a weathered and rusty version of the Advanced Suit from Dead Space 2. Despite being a state-of-the-art suit around the events of the Titan Station/Sprawl incident, it now seems to be much more distressed and shows signs of heavy wear from the years since then. While there is no actual lore reason for the suit's wear, one can deduce that it is a result of the damage the suit sustained from the events leading up to Dead Space 3. Still, Isaac is never seen or has ever made mention of disposing of the suit at any point in the franchise, making it plausible that he could have held onto it since then.

Even though it was scrapped for unknown reasons (presumably in favor of the EVA Suit, as hinted by the fact that the EVA has a damaged variant as well), the Rusty Advanced Suit, along with two other variants of the suit (the original Advanced Suit as well as a 'Damaged' variant) still remain in the game files, making it possible to unlock using outside tools.

The regular variant of the Advanced Suit is basically a port of the suit from Dead Space 2, showing no signs of wear unlike the Rusty Advanced Suit or the 'Damaged' Advanced Suit, the latter being the Rusty Advanced Suit but with visible wounds and tears in the suit's threads. Much like the damaged variant of the EVA Suit.


While there are no legitimate means to acquire this suit in Dead Space 3, one known method requires the use of a third-party client outside of the game called Cheat Engine, which modifies the game's save files to grant access to items and resources within the game on demand to the player. If the player does everything accordingly to acquisition guides, the suit should now show up in the Suit Kiosk for that save file. Unfortunately, the 'Damaged' variant of this suit cannot be kept in the suit kiosk however.

(Please note that this method is only accessible to PC players as it is virtually impossible to use Cheat Engine on console.)


  • 'Damaged' Advanced Suit


  • This suit can be seen in various promotional material for Dead Space 3.
  • This suit cannot be obtained through normal means, meaning that you'll have to use outside resources such as Cheat Engine to go about acquiring it.
  • Using the same method, one can also obtain the regular, pristine version of the Advanced Suit, as it appears in Dead Space 2.
  • A version of the suit is also available for Carver interestingly enough. However it should be noted that upon equipping it, Carver's facial textures, visor hue/glow, and RIG color will be changed to that of Isaac's.