Facility Two was one of the two primary SCAF facilities on Tau Volantis. It was constructed following the tracing of the Marker signal on Tau Volantis atop a mountain to investigate the discovered source of the signal. It's operations are expanded to involve excavation and exploration of The Machine and investigation of various samples recovered from Tau Volantis. 

Events of the SCAF expeditionEdit

By tracing the signals that the Nexus received, the SCAF researchers are able to pinpoint what they believed was the source of the Marker signals and the location of the Machine beneath a mountain a little way away from Facility One. To investigate the Machine, they constructed Facility Two atop the mountaintop and started digging a shaft to reach the buried Machine. Meanwhile, the recovered frozen Necromorph samples are experimented on and studied. At the same time, an intact Alien specimen was studied to find out more about the Aliens which possessed so many Markers. 

Events of Dead Space 3Edit

Trying to reach the source of the Marker signal, Isaac Clarke and John Carver scaled the cliffs to reach Facility Two, losing Jennifer Santos in the process. They arrived at Facility Two to investigate the Rosetta Lab, containing the Alien specimen experimented on so long ago. Finding the Alien specimen incomplete, the duo scoured Facility Two for the missing pieces. 

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