SH-B1 Plasma Saw
Plasma saw vandal
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Mining tool (subsequently used for melee combat)



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"The SH-B1 Plasma Saw is designed for dissection of heavy duty materials in both on and off-site locations. Users are advised to always wear protective clothing when the saw is in use."
—Description in game.

The SH-B1 Plasma Saw was a mining tool used during excavation, ore extraction and mining jobs. The saw was exclusively featured in Dead Space (mobile).


The SH-B1 model of the Plasma Saw was a hand-portable cutter capable of chopping through ore, metal and even Necromorphs' flesh. Featuring a variable-output rotary system of superconducting teeth, hundreds of joules of electrical energy per second flowed through a plasma sheath riding magnetic fields. Upon contact with solid matter, electro-thermal disruption caused intense localized warping and heating, cleaving with a touch. To prevent binding or dangerous vaporization that might occur during prolonged operation using a single blade, the SH-B1 employed a series of moving teeth. This feature scooped out the burning material to make room for further cutting until the Plasma Saw eventually broke through. This also allowed the cooling of the superconductors, reducing wear.

During her time at the Sprawl, Vandal was given one of these tools to use in completing a project for the Church of Unitology. After the supposed project's failure, Vandal continued to use the tool during combat against the Necromorphs. Vandal used the tool mostly during close encounters with the Necromorphs. More specifically, when she was either tackled, grabbed or was in close proximity to a Necromorph. Most of Vandal's counter-attacks involved using the Plasma Saw such as when she countered a Slasher's grab by pushing the Necromorph back and slicing it's arm off with the Saw or when she grappled with a Lurker, she pulled it's tentacles off her and used the Saw to dismember all three tentacles and punted the Lurker.

A similar tool was used by Michael Altman in 2214. While called a "Plasma Cutter", it was described as a two handed, close range, cutting weapon that used a plasma blade. It was possibly a common predecessor to both the Plasma Saw and the Plasma Cutter.


  • Several in game achievements included the use of a Plasma Saw. One also involved killing a Brute with the tool.
  • Since Dead Space (Mobile) contained no free form of melee attack, Vandal could only use the saw in scripted close-quarter engagements and puzzles.
  • The saw was obtained by Vandal in Chapter 1: Honorable Intentions at no cost to the player. Obtaining the saw was also an objective.
  • Among the many different wallpaper designs found in Dead Space (Mobile), many contained layouts of the saw.
  • In the announcement trailer for Dead Space 3, Isaac was briefly shown wielding what appeared to be the Plasma Saw. This would eventually (Possibly) become the Hydraulic Knife/Hammer lower attachment in-game which more or less served the same purpose.


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