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The SMP-90 Sharpshooter is offered as downloadable content for Dead Space 3. It can be downloaded in the Sharpshooter Pack or in the Tau Volantis Survival Kit. It is offered alongside its matching suit: The Sharpshooter Suit.


This weapon is a modified version of the standard Seeker Rifle. It's paired with a wide cutting Line Gun for achieving multiple kills in a single shot.


Contains an Upper Tool and Lower Tool. Sharpshooter Tip is the Upper Tool Tip.


Oddly enough, although it has a modified Sharpshooter Precision Tip, the standard Precision Tip appears to have much better stats, but it does cost much less Scrap Metal to create the tip.


  • It is wise to use a crowd control weapon alongside the SMP-90, as its Seeker Rifle requires a lot of breathing room and the Line Gun won't pack enough punch to keep incoming Necromorphs off you.
  • The weapon is, however, effective against Circle soldiers, as the user can place pin-point headshots with ease.