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"This is a very special time, like, once in a lifetime. Actually once in a million lifetimes! They say we've been preparing for this since before we were human! Do you know how special that makes us? We're the ones who get to see it! I'm so excited my skin is tingling. I've got chills!"
—Sally Hennen

Sally Hennen was a civilian living in the Cassini Towers at the time of the Necromorph outbreak in The Sprawl.


A devout Unitologist, Sally was aware about the upcoming Necromorph infection. She probably was a Vested member of the Church, as only higher ranks were allowed to live in the Cassini Towers.

She wrote the text log Sally 3 and left it in her apartment for her younger sister, Marion Hennen, asking her to join the rituals preceding a mass suicide in order to help the "Convergence" to happen.

She told Marion to get the rest of their "stuff" for the ritual, suggesting that she was one of the numerous Unitologists whom lit candles and wrote the graffiti with Marker Symbols all over the Cassini Towers in the hours before the outbreak.

Events of Dead Space 2[]

Sally has her wish fulfilled.

During the events of Dead Space 2, Isaac Clarke finds a lone female body inside the bathroom of Sally's apartment, suggesting that either she or Marion returned from the collective ritual and committed suicide there. Her log for her sister is also present in a balcony.

When approached, the body tears itself from the inside and numerous Swarmers come out. This confirms that the Swarmers are, in fact, originary from dead tissue in contact with a Marker signal. It is also one of the very feel times a more natural Necromorph transformation is witnessed.