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"Workaholic asshole. The best of us. I wish we could have been friends."
Tucker Edwards about Sam Kettle.[1]

Lieutenant Commander Sam Kettle was the head of Cradle Operations on the CMS Terra Nova during the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces expedition to Tau Volantis. He was one of several officers who didn't quite see the meaning in sending a whole fleet to the middle of nowhere in the middle of the Secession War.[2]


Responsible for overseeing the bulk of the fleet's logistical activities from the Cradle Ops, Kettle was a confidante of Commander Valery Dietz, and handled release and offloading of ships during the initial stage of the expedition and loading of artifacts and cryogenically-frozen members of S.C.A.F returned from the planet's surface in coffins normally used to transport deceased service members home. This morbid duty raised several concerns, which he tried to bring to the Captain, to no avail. He expected everything to come to a bad end.[1][3]

Kettle tried to maintain a professional attitude, and when Lieutenant Junior Grade Charles Sekowski sent him leaked messages from the planet's surface, he was quick to advise him to delete them and stop peering into matters above his pay grade.[4] He tried to remain civil even with Tucker Edwards, despite the pilot's flippant attitude - particularly to help requests.[5]