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"I'm not a hero. Just a man."

Samuel Irons was an engineering specialist and Unitologist who worked aboard the USG Ishimura. He was a very large man with strong faith in his religion.


Irons first appeared when a protesting crowd of Unitoligist workers approached a Security team near the Marker and Doctor Terrence Kyne warned that the crowd should leave. Irons managed to calm the crowd by telling them that the scientists of the Church would have to decipher the meaning of the inscriptions for a chance of enlightenment.

Irons later appeared during an attack on Alissa Vincent and her crew. He managed to save them using a mining tool called a Plasma Saw and discovered that the Necromorphs died faster if they are dismembered. He eventually joined their crew and helped make it to the Bridge where they discovered that the gravitational controls are overridden and the ship was on course to crash into Aegis VII. Along the way to the control room, the crew discovered a group of survivors being attacked by the Necromorphs.

Vincent offered to distract the Necromorphs while Irons and Ramirez helped the survivors escape. Irons, however forced Vincent to relinquish her role and he instead distracted the Necromorphs. He fought valiantly, but ultimately was exhausted from the fight and he was stabbed in the chest and surrounded by the Necromorphs. Mortally wounded and surrounded, Irons resigned himself to his fate and was killed while muttering a verse from a book of Unitology. After he was killed by the Necromorphs, he was transformed into one by an Infector right before Vincent and Ramirez's eyes.


  • Irons would have become a part of the Graverobber, a variant of Necromorph exclusive to the film, but the creature was ultimately cut.
  • Irons carried a miniature Marker as his necklace.
  • It's strange that his RIG health does not decrease when he was first stabbed by a Slasher. This might mean he could have survived his wound or that his RIG may have been broken or simply a mistake made by the developers.
  • It should be noted that Samuel Irons' rig had a fully charged stasis unit, yet he wasn't transformed into a Twitcher. This is likely an oversight.
  • Irons is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.