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"Give yourself to the Marker, be armored in its words, and make the brethren whole again."
—Store description

The Sanctifed Suit is a suit texture that can be worn by Isaac Clarke in Dead Space (2023). It is only available through purchasing the Digital Deluxe Edition Upgrade. Like the other Deluxe Edition Suits, it is cosmetic only. It has the appearance of the Intermediate Engineer RIG with dark grey metal and Marker symbols etched on it.


  • "Brethren" and "whole again" are references to the Brethren Moons and Convergence, respectively.
  • The Marker symbols on the "ribs" of the suit's shoulder armor translate to Unitologist ranks, these ranks being "Initiate", "Unvested", "Vested", "Overseer" and "Enigma". Notably missing is the "Paragon" rank that is believed to precede the "Enigma".
  • The Sanctified Suit is inspired by the Advanced Unitologist RIG from the original game.