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Sandra Burns was a scientist on board the USG O'Bannon.


Sandra Burns along with Nolan Stross and Isabel Cho studied the shard of the Red Marker. This, however led to her death when Stross decided to see the effects of the shard on a corpse and due to a hallucination, he ended up breaking the seal and releasing the Necromorph. Sandra unknowingly stumbled into the lab to give her analysis to Stross. However, the newly transformed Necromorph slashed and impaled her throat, leaving her to die from blood loss. It was unknown if she was transformed into a Necromorph or not, but with the seal broken, the shard being tested transformed her into one.


  • Sandra Burns, in addition to Rin, is voiced by Kari Wahlgren. However, Sandra does not bear any resemblance to Wahlgren.
  • She was the first on board the O'Bannon to die due to a Necromorph Slasher.
  • When Sandra was shown dying from her throat injury, every few milliseconds, her head started moving and shaking as if the blood pressure escaping from her throat was causing her limp body to move. You could also hear her gasp quietly due to the nature of her throat injury.