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"I'll protect you. I promise."
—Sarah to Franco[1]

Sarah Andarsyn was a CPD officer aboard Titan Station[2]. During the initial beginning of the outbreak, Sarah accompanied Franco Delille, acting as a first line of defense against the Necromorph attacks. She remained unaware about her boyfriend’s affiliation with the Church of Unitology and his mission to free Isaac Clarke from the Titan Memorial asylum. Her presence served as a source of constant delay for Franco’s mission[3][4][5][6].


When Franco is ordered by his superior, Weaver, to head to the CEC Facility to repair a malfunctioning door, Sarah volunteers to accompany and assist him with his objectives. Upon their arrival, Franco notes the “malfunctioning” door appears to have been deliberately tampered with. Once the door is repaired, the CEC supervision brings other troubles on the station that could use their direct intervention to their attention. Sarah accompanies Franco to repair a computer problem for the CEC supervisor's friend. Again, Franco and Sarah notice that the computer systems appeared to have been corrupted with a virus; perhaps sabotaged like the door.

Weaver announces a damaged solar panel outside that needs tending to. Sarah teases Franco about his weariness towards spacewalks and promises to keep him from floating off into space. During the repair of the panel, Franco panics and starts to drift off the surface of the station; Sarah is quick to grab him. When Sarah and Franco return to the outer door and are caught off guard when discover a meteor strike has breached the airlock seal; they make a hasty exit before they can be exposed to the vacuum.

Weaver contacts Sarah and Franco with news of an “outbreak” that’s starting to spread across the station; without requesting, he tells them that he needs them out on the field still as he is unable to specify the exact nature of the incident. Sarah notices Franco receives a message on a personal device; when she inquires who might be calling him, he dismisses it as a wrong number[2].

They head for the tram station where they encounter firsthand the cause of the outbreak. Sarah hears an odd noise in the distance, a crowd of people stampede into the tram station at the appearance of a monster. When civilians fall victim to the creature, Sarah reacts and attempts to gun down the assailant. She is bowled over by the crowd and loses her weapon. Acting fast, she grabs a fallen Plasma Cutter and dismembers the creature. As more creatures begin to flood the tram, Franco herds the surviving crowd into the tram; Sarah continues to fire on the Necromorphs until she is on the tram. On the train, Weaver elaborates on the nature of the “outbreak” and tells Franco there’s a lighting issue in Sector 45 that needs to be addressed immediately[1]. Moments afterward Sarah receives a call from old partner, Hodgkens requesting help with a hostage situation Section 27[7].

Lighting FailureEdit

Arriving at Sector 45, Sarah and Franco traverse the pitch black environment in the hopes of reaching the Sector’s Powerhub. Sarah objects to the idea of using the ventilation shafts as a means of safe travel. However, the arrival of Necromorphs sends the two into the vents regardless of the peril that waits in the narrow shaft. They emerge inside the Church of Unitology where a priest greets them. Franco decides to repair the security shields of the building. On Franco’s suggestion, Sarah visits the mausoleum where the bodies of the deceased are stored in cryostasis. Unnerved, she returns as Franco completes his repairs.

After they depart from the church, they encounter a group of people who are promptly slaughtered by the Necromorphs; Sarah follows Franco on the suggestion to head to the hospital, knowing they’ll find more survivors there. Sarah suggests that they take the direct route at the risk of running into more Necromorphs. Oppositely using the path to the Inverted City would take longer but minimize the chances of being attack.

If Sarah and Franco use the direct route, they will encounter a group of survivors in the hospital waiting for rescue. Sarah defends the group as they make a desperate run for the shuttle located on the hospital’s rooftop. She tries to hold out longer while Franco repairs the shuttle, which appears to have been sabotaged. Franco is able to repair the door and herd the injured and hospital faculty inside. Sarah is attacked by a Pack of smaller Necromorphs almost immediately as the shuttle begins to ascend. She is bitten on the leg and overwhelmed by their sheer numbers[8].

If Sarah Franco cross the rim to reach the Inverted City, they will take a maintenance elevator. Down below they encounter two engineers in need of help; they discover the gravity generator has been sabotaged or damaged during the chaos. Sarah dreads the idea of the creatures attacking them moving unrestrained in zero gravity; Franco concocts a temporary fix that allows them to continue on to the Inverted City. The city is still and seemingly devoid life.

Inside a school they discover the mutilated bodies of civilians. Sarah spots a panic room and assumes there may be children inside waiting for rescue. Instead, she only finds a Necromorph where it’d been locked inside with a group of dead children. Weaver orders the building sealed to prevent the fate of the occupants from becoming public and causing a panic. Heading for safer ground, Franco once again suggests that travel through the vents. Sarah disagrees. She confronts him with his strange behavior and demands to know what's going on, but he refuses to answer. She exasperatedly asks which way they're going next, and Franco points her to a hatch. She starts climbing, he shoots her in the back. He tells her that he can't be delayed anymore before putting the barrel against her forehead and pulling the trigger.

Hostage SituationEdit

Arriving on the scene in Sector 27, Hodgkens describes in detail the situation with Armado Creeg and his family; Franco’s assistance guarantees the rescue of Creeg's family and Creeg's death. Once the hostage situation is solved, the two head for the upper levels of Sector 27. Weaver orders a quarantine lockdown on the levels below them. Sarah reluctantly convinces him that losing some of the population is better than everyone. Once the sectors are sealed, Sarah suggests they go to the outer rim for evacuation. Their journey to the outer rim leaves draws attention to the fact they haven’t encountered other survivors since leaving Sector 27. A Slasher breaks through a ceiling vent and Sarah kills it.

Realizing that the creatures are using the vents to bypass the quarantine protocols they start to make for the hospital for evacuation. However, another order from Weaver sends them out on another spacewalk to repair life support systems. If Sarah and Franco choose to repair the life support systems, they learn that the Necromorphs can survive the vacuum during a brief fight. Sarah’s suit is ruptured during the fight; Franco jury rigs a temporary fix to maintain what oxygen she has left. However, the journey back to the airlock depletes Sarah’s air supply. She suffocates before Franco can get her out of the vacuum. His attempts to revive her are unsuccessful[9].

Using the Interior Rout, Sarah and Franco head for the hospital. They enter a hall choked with smoke and bodies everywhere. Sarah checks them over while Franco fixes the venting system. Once repaired, the vents clear the room of the smoke, resuscitating the survivors. They press onward to the hospital when Franco receives another message. He dismisses Sarah’s question once more when she inquires to who could be calling him, provoking suspicion in the CPD officer. The two are attacked by another horde of Necromorph from the ventilation shafts. Sarah fights them off while Franco hacks the door. As Sarah prepares to follow him she finds Franco on the other side of the threshold and the doors closing on her. Sarah begs him to open the door, but Franco says she can't come with him. She'll understand "in the next life". Sarah's cries for help turn to screams as the creatures tear her to pieces.


  • No matter which route was taken, Andarsyn would die. Two deaths either involving death by oxygen deprivation or being overwhelmed by the Pack and two that Franco intentionally caused, either shooting her at point blank range or locking her in a room to be slaughtered by the pursuing Necromorphs.
  • A Dead Space 2 audio log suggested that Franco killed Sarah[10].