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"We lost control. And now, for the love of Earth and the Sovereign Colonies, we've got to do what's right."
—Major General Spencer Mahad

Dead Space 3- Scenario 5

Scenario Five was a large-scale cleanse order mandated by the Sovereign Colonies Council in the event of a level five first contact scenario - an "extinction-level outbreak" - during their research on the Markers.[1]

Scenario Five was ordered and carried out by the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces in 2314. On Tau Volantis, Major General Spencer Mahad was given executive powers over the fate of the SCAF flotilla and the personnel on the planet's surface.[2]


"After receiving your reports on Dr. Serrano's latest discoveries and in light of recent activities at the Marker test sites, it is the decision of the Council to invoke Scenario Five. What we once thought would save us from extinction has only served to hasten it. Everything about the Markers - all research, all replicas, even the Black Marker - must be forever buried. All sites are to be shuttered. All involved planets are to be blacklisted. Everyone involved in the Marker program, from Aspera to Aegis VII to Tau Volantis are to be executed."
—General of the Army Ambrose Caiden[2]
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Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces personnel are killed as part of Scenario Five.

During the Necromorph outbreak on Tau Volantis, and after Dr. Earl Serrano discovered the truth about the Alien Machine and the Tau Volantis Moon, Major General Spencer Mahad provided all of the necessary information accumulated for the Sovereign Colonies Council, who had been experiencing their own problems with the Marker test sites scattered across the galaxy. Mahad was subsequently given the go-ahead by General of the Army Ambrose Caiden to carry out "Scenario Five".[2]

On Tau Volantis, Scenario Five entailed three tiers of soldiers on sweep-and-cleanse duty: the first crew would disable all of the vehicles, the second would take "census" of all personnel who followed the orders given and execute the others who rebelled, and the third and last crew would destroy all data, records and communication structures on Tau Volantis and in orbit. Once each team's mission was complete, they were to kill themselves to ensure the success of the protocol. SCAF ships in orbit would also lay down space mines in order to seal off the planet.[3]


Dead Space 3 - Reaper Barracks Mission - Brainwashing video

To further ensure that Scenario Five's orders were carried out, videos containing a message that hardwired the soldiers to carry out the orders were created and subsequently viewed by military personnel.[4]

Scenario Five also aimed to eliminate any trace of the Black Marker as well as the Red Markers that had been hidden on distant locations such as Aegis VII, Aspera, Kreemar and Ptolemy Station, by blacklisting these locations and terminating all personnel associated with them.[2]


  • The Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition included a statue of the Black Marker in a container labelled: "Contents to be destroyed in the event of Scenario Five outbreak". Whether the Black Marker was actually destroyed in Scenario Five or merely hidden somewhere in the galaxy much like the Red Markers remains unknown, though, in any case, it is evident that EarthGov does not have access to it in the 26th century.


Tau Volantis Scenario Five Instructions[]