"If you're watching this film, it means despite our every precaution, containment has become a necessity. It is now up to us to make the ultimate sacrifice for the safety of the Sovereign Colonies we have sworn to protect. We understand we cannot expect one hundred percent compliance."
—Major General Mahad[1][2]
DS3 Scenario Five

Isaac observes the SCAF instructional video.

Scenario Five was an executive order mandated by the Sovereign Colonies council In the event of a first contact scenario during the expedition to Tau Volantis. Major General Spencer Mahad was given executive powers over the fate of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces flotilla and its personnel.



During the outbreak on the planet, Major General Mahad provided all of the necessary information accumulated for the council who are experiencing their own problems with their Marker test sites. He is given the go-ahead by General Ambrose Caiden[note 1] to carry out "Scenario Five"[3].

Scenario Five entailed of three tiers of soldiers and sweep and clense duty. The first crew would disable all of the vehicles. The second would take “census” of all personnel who followed the orders given and execute the others who rebelled. The third and last crew would destroy all data, records and communication structures on Tau Volantis and in orbit. Once each team’s mission was complete, they were to kill themselves to ensure the success of the protocol.

To further ensure that Scenario Five's orders are carried out, videos containing a message that hardwired the soldiers to carry out the orders were created and subsequently viewed by military personnel[4][5].

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  1. General Ambrose Caiden, interestingly enough, is a member of the Earth Government's Earth Defense Force during the events of Dead Space: Martyr. See: The Red Marker log from Dead Space.


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