"Wasn't it you who pulled me out of a three-way firefight on Scorpio 6, then went back in to plant limpets?"
—Weller to McNeill.[1]

Scorpio 6 was a human colony planet that was fought over during the Resource Wars by at least three different factions.[2] It was unknown which factions are involved or which one of them was victorious. It was unknown what condition that the planet was in after the conflict or what it was like before the war.

Trivia Edit

  • Gabe Weller and Nathan McNeill fought together on the planet which Weller was saved by McNeill during a three way firefight.
  • The planet may be located around 18 Scorpii, a star very similar to our sun about 45.3 light years away.
  • The ''6'' suggests, that it's the sixth planet from it's sun.

Sources Edit

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