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The Scorpion Level Engineering RIG, also called the Scorpion Suit, has a 25% damage resistance rating, slightly more than the standard Level 5 RIG. Like all of the DLC suits, it has the full 25 inventory slots. This RIG has worn red armor plating with a black body suit underneath, a red glow from the faceplate and a yellow scorpion decal on the back of the helmet.

Downloadable Content[]

The Scorpion Pack was released as Downloadable Content on November 13, 2008. It is available for $4.00/320 MS Points. It includes a Level 5 Suit along with three upgraded weapons. The suit was available free with a code provided when preordering Dead Space. It is also available in the smaller packs:

  • Scorpion Weapon Skin Pack ($2.25/180 MS includes Weapons)
  • Scorpion Suit ($2.50/200 MS includes suit)
  • It can also be purchased on the PlayStation Store as part of a $10.00 bundle pack with all of the downloadable content for Dead Space.


  • The Scorpion Pack included the versions of the Plasma Cutter, Line Gun and Force Gun that fire faster than the default variants. These versions have the same worn red plating as the armor along with a scorpion insignia on them.
  • Originally, if one pre-ordered the game, they were given a redeem code that gave them the suit for free on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions.
  • This suit may be a slight reference to Nod from the Command & Conquer games that are also published by EA due to the black and red colour scheme and the name "scorpion".
  • This RIG is not available for the PC.
  •  The Scorpion Suit is Isaac's secondary color for his Engineer Suit alternate costume in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.
  • This suit, along with the Burnished Suit in Dead Space (2023), are the only suits Isaac can wear in the entire franchise that have a red visor.